Tile Layer – How To Find The Right One!

Would you like to renew the tiles in the bathroom, lay a new tile floor in the kitchen, or have a mosaic pattern laid on the terrace? We’ll show you everything you need to know about this project in this article.

Cladding walls and floors are one of the most beautiful building projects. An endless variety of design options offers plenty of space for expressing your imagination and ideas. The platter offer is huge.

But record work requires a lot of specialist knowledge. So you are very well advised when you are looking for a professional. A professional plate holder or plate practitioner has a wide range of specialist knowledge and the necessary tools.

Or do you already know what to do? Then you can now advertise your project without obligation and quickly compare offers from rated craftsmen.

What does a tiler actually do?

A paver clad floor and wall surfaces as well as stairs indoors and outdoors. He uses plates made of ceramics, natural work, artificial stones, and mosaics.

The field of activity of plate liners is diverse. The area of ​​responsibility includes, for example:

  • the laying of tiles and slabs or plastic mosaics
  • laying skirting boards
  • the grouting of toppings
  • the manufacture of seals for joints
  • the removal, cutting and renewing the plates in rehabilitation work
  • cleaning after installation and renovation work

What qualifications do platelets have?

The “record practitioner” has a two-year training course. He only performs simple, right-angled panel work and is qualified for large-scale projects with simple corners.

Training as a “paver” takes three years. After successfully completing the course, a graduate may call himself a “trained paver.”

For filigree or complicated panel work, you should therefore hire a tiler. This also includes the recess for heating lines and the like.

If you have special requests, pay attention to the additional qualifications. For example, the natural stone layer completed additional training after completing his training as a paver.

The master paver has the highest level of training. He takes on demanding tasks or runs his own business.

How much does a paver cost?

The usual rate starts at around 60 per square meter for large panels. Calculated on an hourly basis, you can assume 60 to 90.

For small jobs, tilers work alone. Several pavers work in a team for large orders.

Material Costs

The cost of laying depends on the total area and the material processed and can vary greatly:

Natural stone

The pure material costs range from 40 to 500 per square meter.

Ceramic plates 

The prices for ceramic plates vary between 25 and 200 per square meter.


You can get simple mosaics from just 185 per square meter. However, for a mosaic with gold covering, you have to reckon with around 4,000 per square meter.

In addition, the price depends on the type of installation. The more complicated it is to lay the panels, the more expensive it will be.

Beware of package deals.

Some tilers make package deals. With these, you have to insist that the price is set as a fixed price in the contract.

In this way, you avoid the price being higher than originally agreed after the work is finished.

Take measurements

To calculate the workload and costs, the specialist on-site must take the measurements of the areas to be tiled. For this, you have to reckon with an amount between 50 and 60.

The measurement usually includes:

  • The journey there and back
  • Assessment of the subsurface
  • The determination of the required material
  • Professional advice on the type of installation and material

Of course, a professional floor layer should primarily be able to shine with his panel work and his expertise in all types of floor coverings. In addition, it should also meet the following points:

Competent advice

A professional should give you competent and friendly advice in all matters. If necessary, make an appointment for a consultation. This will show whether the specialist meets his qualifications.

Individual requests

A competent specialist should always be ready to respond to your ideas and implement them to the best of their knowledge.

Visual extras

Some specialist paving companies also offer online-based, virtual planning aids. So you can take a look at your new flooring in advance. At least one sample should be available for a consultation so that you can enjoy an individual selection.

Pictures of completed orders are also very helpful as references. They give you the best impression of how a company works and what it can do.

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