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AdSense Success Stories

Don Vandervort - Owner of

In 1997 Don Vandervort launched, a home improvement website, from his son's converted two-story treehouse as a means to promote his home improvement books. In 2003, Vandervort heard about Google's AdSense program, and though it might be a means to create marginal income for HomeTips. The decision changed everything. Vandervort says, "Google's ability to deliver targeted ads is remarkable. In fact, because the ads are so relevant to the content on any given page, we believe that they are a very useful resource for our visitors. This is evidenced by the fact that, on many of our pages, more than 10 percent of our visitors click through to the advertisers for more information." HomeTips now welcomes more than 1 million visitors each month. Vandervort attributes his success to solid content. He says, "If you write expert content with your visitor's needs in mind, the rest will follow."

Joel Comm - Author of the best selling e-book, What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense.

In 2004, Joel Comm decided to try out Google's Adsense program on his own websites. After experimenting with a number of strategies, he struck gold, dramatically increasing his advertising income. In the following year, Comm published his ebook, What Google Never Told You About Making Money With AdSense. He followed with The AdSense Code, published by Morgan James Publishing. The AdSense Code reached sixth on The New York Times Business Paperback bestsellers list. Joel Comm is a model of success with his advertiser-driven websites, and is reported to see profits of $24,000 per month from Adsense ad revenue alone.

Makus Frind - Owner of, the largest dating site on the web.

In 2003, Makus Frind decided to build a website to help himself better understand a particular web application framework. He built a dating website., quickly grew in popularity by word of mouth in Canada, the UK, Australia and the United States. To keep the site free, Frind added Adsense to begin generating revenue through advertising. His first check arrived in that same year, totaling $1,110. Today, Makus Frind's school project currently adds 50,000 photos a day, and generates a nearly passive income of more than $300,000 each month in Adsense revenue.

Andrew Fling - Owner of

I'm the owner of this website. I'm not a passive income giant like these guys, though the income I make through my websites is more than I ever made with a full-time job - and I did it in four years!

If your interested in seeing how I'm doing, and how I got there, check out my Passive Income Report.

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Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

Ewen Chia - Author of How I Made My First Million on the Internet

In 1997, Ewen Chia decided that he need a way to escape mounting credit card debt, and started exploring the possibilities of an internet business. After five years of tireless devotion, Chia's efforts began to pay off. He soon established himself as a leader in the world of affiliate marketing, His mentoring program eBook, The Super Affiliate Cloning Program, which represented his life's work to date, generated $1.497 million in 36 hours.

Shannon Haron - First-Time Affiliate Makes $100,000 in 8 Months

As a brand new affiliate marketer, Shannon Haron, studied hard and buckled down for some hard work. Within 8 months of the launch of her affiliate website she had generated $100,000 in profits.

Stone Evans -

Stone Evans, a restaurant worker desperate to find a better way to provide for his family, decided to set-up an internet business. Two years after launching his affiliate website, he is generating profits over $10,000 per month.

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Membership Website Success Stories

Ewen Chia - Author of How I Made My First Million on the Internet

In 2007, Ewen Chia launched, a membership website offering training in the development of highly profitable websites. This website is by far the most successful membership site worldwide, attracting 3,500 visitors in the first four days.

Erica Joneson - Membership Site Expert - Her Last One Grossing $50K per Month

Erica Joneson, having created paid membership sites of her own, now specializes in helping people turn their talents into streams of passive income by building membership websites in their spare time. Joneson sold her last membership website when it reached her goal of generating over $50,000 per month in revenue.

"Captain Brendan" and "Captain John" - Lobsterman Brothers and Owners of Catch a Piece of Maine

Catch a Piece of Maine, a lesson in creativity for all of us, is the inspired business model of "Captain Brendan" and "Captain John". These two young Maine lobsterman brothers struck upon a strategy that is delivering substantial success for their business, while delivering delicious, mouth watering lobsters to their members.

Brendan and John have been lobstering since they were about 8 years old. At the advice of their mother, the two boys went to college rather than going into the family business immediately following their graduation from high school. They graduated, and found that their college know-how could be put to good use. They applied it to a job they loved doing - lobstering.

Catch a Piece of Maine's inspired business model invites lobster lovers to "buy" a lobster trap. For a one year subscription, members get to keep every lobster caught in their trap. Members are guaranteed a minimum number of lobsters each year. Members are also notified each week about what their trap caught, where the catch happened, and the current lobster conditions. When members are interested in enjoying some of their catch, they may request that they be sent lobsters from their "balance" via overnight FEDEX shipping. The cost for their most exclusive offering - $2,995 for a one year subscription.

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