7 Winning Membership Website Models


Membership websites come in all shapes and sizes. Finding the right model for your niche is an important first step to building a successful membership website. The following resource will outline the advantages of each type of membership model, helping you to deliver your content in an effective and profitable way.

1) Content Publisher
The publisher model is the most common membership website model. This model will require the owner to produce content for a specific target market on an ongoing basis. Subscribing members will have access to new articles, as well as previously added content.

2) FedEx
The FedEx model provides a "package" of information to your members on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. This type of membership model allows you to present your resources to subscribing members at scheduled times. If you choose to deliver your package monthly, your new members will only see month one. In month two they will see month two and month one. Members will only have access the content they paid for.

3) Fixed Term
The fixed term model is a membership model that offers a course of study for a predetermined time period. Rather than asking your visitors to subscribe for an unlimited time period, this model sets a fixed term of three, six or nine months for example. It provides your visitors with an end in sight. The established end to your program that this model offers will likely increase your retention rate.

4) Modular Course
The modular course model allows you offer training in a way that moves members from one module to the next at the appropriate time. You may choose to include an online test that members must take before proceeding to the next module. This test will guarantee that they have absorbed the content before moving on to the next module. This approach will likely enhance your members perceived value of your program, as your training is structured in a way that will consistently deliver results.

5) Protected Products
The protected products model allows you to sell digital products in a protected members-only area. This model is an excellent choice for a free content-based website that offers a few special products to subscribing members.

6) Coaching
The coaching model allows you to create a general information area for all of your visitors, and multiple membership areas for more specialized instruction. If this website functioned as a coaching model, resources in the general area would include content on search engine optimization and website marketing. In the specialized instruction areas you would find information on developing an AdSense ad-supported website, an affiliate product/service website, or a subscription membership website.

7) Everything-and-Kitchen-Sink Model
The everything-and-the-kitchen-sink model allows you to create a membership website that combines elements from several models to meet the needs of your online business. Membership website owners would have the advantage, for example, of offering general content, and a coaching course for 12 weeks to silver members, while offering special digital products to gold members at a higher subscription price in a separate protected area.

by Andrew Fling


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