10 Common Membership Website Mistakes


Are you interested in building a profitable membership website, but not so interested in wasting thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns that don't work, devising money saving strategies that don't save you money, and not making the most of what is good about your website? The following list of common membership website mistakes will help you avoid the trial-and-error process.

1) Hiring a Small Website Hosting Company
Avoid hosting your website with small company. While no hosting company can guarantee 100% up-time, a small company's hosting services may be down more than they should, and support won't be there when you need it.

2) Subscribing to Membership Management Software
Avoid subscribing to membership management software. While membership management software may seem like a good money saving idea at first, the monthly fees can add up. Worse yet, your membership software company could go out of business, and you would be back on square one. Talk to your website designer about creating a membership management system specifically for your website.

3) Undervaluing Your Product
Avoid undervaluing your products. If you have something of value to offer, and the price you would like to charge is not out of line when compared with the cost of your competitors products, price it accordingly. Undervaluing your product may not only limit your profits per unit, but may also limit the number of units sold, as your prospects will not be convinced that you are offering anything of value.

4) Offering a Limited Product Range
Avoid limiting your products to big ticket items. Instead, offer inexpensive products for new prospects, and more expensive ones for long-term members. Failing to offer entry level products will cause your prospects to become delayed in your marketing funnel, or eventually become disinterested altogether.

5) Expensive Advertising Campaigns
Avoid expensive advertising campaigns, such as e-mail blasts. You may find yourself working with a company that over promises and under delivers, leaving you with an unsatisfactory collection of leads and a depleted bank account.

6) Not Offering Free Content
Avoid restricting all of your content to subscribing members. Your visitors need to have an idea of what they will receive if they become a member. A lack of free content will cause your prospects to leave your website before they even enter your marketing funnel.

7) Not Offering a "Tip-of-the-Week" Newsletter
Avoid the temptation to give up when things don't happen quickly. Internet-based businesses take time to grow. Exercising patience. Maintaining your commitment to support current members, while consistently pursuing prospects will soon reap great rewards.

8) Not Automating
Avoid doing everything manually. Take the time to automate aspects of your membership website whenever possible. The time you save can be used to create new products/content for your current members, or pursuing new members.

9) Not Committing to Your Marketing Strategies
Avoid "dabbling" with marketing strategies. A little of this and a little of that usually get you a lot of nothing. Marketing plans that work require a commitment to a plan that includes consistent, and repetitive engagement with your campaign and your marketplace.

10) Hiring The Cheapest Web Designer
Avoid hiring the cheapest web designer that you can find. Trying to save money on web design by hiring the cheapest website designer may cost you more than you might think. A visitor's first impression of your website will do just as much to convert them as the products you offer. Spend some time considering how and why certain websites appeal to you, and then discuss your goals with a quality website designer. The time and extra expense will be well worth it.

by Andrew Fling


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