How to Write Content That Gets You Noticed

Most top ranking pages have three things in common:

1) Keyword density
2) They reside on medium-to-large websites
3) Quality

The first two elements will help your web pages to be found. The third will keep visitors coming back.

Keywords/Keyword Phrases
Well crafted content has a message. It is focused, and it has a goal to accomplish. This focus will lead to the repeated use of keywords and keyword phrases. The repeated use of these keywords will lead to higher search engine rankings, naturally.

Think about keyword density, but don't obsess over it. If you have great content, visitors will find you. As a general rule, however, keyword density should range from 3-7%.

I love being a snoop!

Checking out the source code of my big competitors has taught me a bunch about how to drive traffic to my own websites - and it's very entertaining! You can do all of the big-time keyword research if you want to. Or you can just take advantage of the brilliant work that has already been done.

My basic rule it this - "If you want to be where they are - do what they do."

How do you do it? Simply right clicking on any one of their web pages, and then select "View Source".

Website Size
Imagine that you have just entered a sweepstakes to win a brand new car. You filled out your entry form and placed it in the box. You hope for the best. You have a chance, as remote as it is, but still a chance. Now, imagine that you decided to fill out 500 entry forms. How are your chances now?

With 182 million sites currently populating the web, it would benefit you to place a few more entry forms in the box. The more content you have, the more visible you are. In fact, your visibility does not just add with the inclusion of a new web page - growth is exponential. Why? Because not only does your website have a new point of entry, but search engines tend to favor larger websites. The addition of new pages will effect every page on your website, moving them all higher in search engine results.

This important message should be stated again: "Well crafted content has a message. It is focused, and it has a goal to accomplish." Before your start writing, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What is the problem?
  • What is the solution?
  • How will my solution be better than the one my competition offers?

Never sacrifice your visitors experience for search engine rankings. Search engines are not your target market. Your primary purpose should be to convert visitors into customers, or in the case of free resource websites, visitors that are so delighted by what they found that they refer your website to a friend.

by Andrew Fling


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