The Website Marketing Checklist


Interested in making the most of every article/blog post you add to your website? This website marketing checklist could be just what the doctor ordered.

Before Publishing
Before you launch your latest and greatest article, you will want to spend a little time refining your work by asking yourself the following questions.

1) Have I provided my website visitors with content so appealing and useful that they can't help but want to search my website for more information?

With 1.6 billion websites currently populating the internet according to, visibility is a considerable challenge. Know what your competition has to offer, and then produce content unmatched in quality.

2) Have I checked my content for spelling & grammar errors?

Tending to these little things can make a big difference.

When I launched my ad/affliliate supported music education website,, I hoped that someday it would become a premier web destination for learning about music. It would mean creating quality resources, as well as reputation for quality. Little things like spelling errors and grammatical problems tend to diminish the value of even the best resources, so I decided to hire a part-time editor. You might say, "I can't afford to do that. My website isn't making enough money." However, if I was going to achieve my goal, it was something I couldn't afford not to do.

After Publishing
After you launch your article/blog post you will want to consider your best options for driving traffic to your resource. While every method will not work for every resource, the following ideas will get you pointed in the right direction.

3) Have I shared my content on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter?

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most highly visited websites in the world, and can provide an incredible amount of traffic for your website. Taking the time to set up an account and build a following will be well worth the effort.

Following these four simple rules will make you a big hit on social marketing websites:

1) Upload a picture or logo. You don't want to be the invisible man. In some instances you will want to use a company logo. In most cases, a picture will be better, because social networks are places where people are connecting with other people.

2) Avoid selling. You don't want to gain a new nickname like "The Spamvertiser". It's okay to promote your products and resources, though do it for the benefit of the community.

3) Stay invested. Building a fan base may take awhile. However, if even a small percentage of those fans visit your website everyday you will begin to see a good flow of traffic to your website, and an even higher conversion rate for products you sell, because you took the time to build trust.

4) Be you. Be real. Be helpful.

4) Have I created content for article websites?

Now that you have written an article for your website that people will clamour to read, you might consider creating a few spin-off articles for,, or Include a link to the article on your website for people interested in reading further.

Websites like and provide you with an opportunity to include in-text links throughout the article - an advantage that article marketing websites sometimes don't allow. An in-text link is a powerful tool in providing you with an opportunity to engage and convert your reader. They work well because they are highly visible, and readers already interested in your content will click-through to find additional information on the same topic. In fact, companies like Kontera, Infolinks and Vibrant Media have built advertising solutions around this very fact.

5) Have I pinned images from my article to Pinterest?

If you have a few great pictures or graphic illustrations to share, consider setting up a free account and launch your images to This website has the potential to drive massive traffic in exchange for a minimum investment of your time.

I love Pinterest! For my modest effort they send me over 7K+ new visitors each month!

To make the most of Pinterest, you will need to upload an interesting image, write a keyword rich title for your images and boards. If Pinterest visitors are intrigued, they may click-through to visit your website. Remember that Pinterest is a social platform, so link to many things that you enjoy, not just your own stuff.

6) Have I shared your new content with your Facebook "friends"?

It may take some time to build Facebook "friends", but the rewards can be great. Not only will you generate immediate traffic to free resources, but you will be able to connect with a group of people that trust you for recommendations on paid products.

7) Have I considered how I could combine similar articles to create an eBook?

People love getting things for free, and eBooks represent a substantial value in the eyes of consumers. Consider posting a collection of your articles as an ebook on The site is well visited, and can provide maximum visibility for your content, and traffic to your website.

8) Have I thanked my readers for sharing my content with friends?

The best way to show your appreciation to visitors/customers who take the time to visit your website, send you an email, and/or sign-up for your newsletter, is to simply say, "Thanks". Free samples and prizes help, though nothing inspires people more than just listening to their opinion, and thanking them for their time.

by Andrew Fling


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