Tailwind vs TrafficWonker for Pinterest Marketing (Review)


You probably already know that social media is an important part of any blogger's marketing plan, and it often takes a lot of time to build your traffic and stay on top.

There are many wonderful tools to make your job easier. Unfortunately, it can be hard to choose just one or two that will meet your needs and your budget. If you feel confident that Pinterest is the right platform for marketing your business this post will help you chose between two smart tools for Pinterest marketing.

Is Pinterest Marketing Right for You?
I jumped on Pinterest almost as soon as it launched. Back then it was an invitation-only site. We happened to know someone so we were quickly on the site creating accounts and adding boards and pins. It was the wild west in those days. Nobody really knew what they were doing. Many of my pins were a great success. Some were an epic fail. You can't win them all.

It didn't take too long before it was clear that Pinterest was going to be a marketers gold mine. Visitors go to Pinterest looking for ideas and recommendations. As a result, Pinterest drives more shoppers to products than any other social media site.

How Do You Become a Pinterest Marketing Leader?
Putting the right ad in front of the right people at the right time has always been the goal of marketing professionals. For the Pinterest marketer, it means creating a great pin, getting people to follow you that care about your products, and posting your pins at the right time.

At this point, the whole thing may seem pretty daunting. Right?

Pinterest marketing doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming if you have the right tools.

Pinterest Marketing Tools
It's time to share with you a couple tools that you'll find useful in your Pinterest Marketing efforts. I'll compare price, ease of use, and overall effectiveness.

Tailwind is an easy to use and well-marketed app. It's also priced right, at $120 per year or $14.99 per month.

Weekly Pin Schedule
To begin using the app you set a weekly pin schedule based on suggested times. They say these times are based on historical data and they will help your pins attract more saves and clicks. It seems to be based on historical data in general. Not specifically for you. All the same, they say it helps.

The Dashboard
Tailwind's dashboard provides you with a snapshot of total saves for the current week and previous week as well as the number of followers you attracted for the current week and previous week. Tailwind also provides you with a trending chart to let you know if things are headed in the right direction.

Tailwind is an affordable tool that is easy to use. However, filling your queue every week in a never-ending cycle that can get tiresome, and while some of the analytics are useful others are not actionable and therefore serve little use to the marketer.

TrafficWonker is one of our sites and a new kid on the block in comparison to the other Pinterest pin schedulers out there. TrafficWonker began with a few basic tools like a looping queue and auto-delete to keep your boards from bursting at the seams with pins. We've just added a new tool called Expert™ - a machine learning tool - which takes all the guesswork out of Pinterest marketing. Membership is priced at $108 per year or $12 per month.

Pin Scheduling
With the addition of Expert™ TrafficWonker is now the most automated scheduler, and playing hardball with the big boys for the title of most effective pin scheduler.

Here's why...

Expert™ reviews stats for every pin in your queue to figure out what's working best. Once a week it builds you a brand new queue automatically based on what was learned. All these careful calculations helps TW to post your most effective pins at the times they are most likely to attract saves and clicks. When trends change, so does your queue. Expert™ considers everything and takes care of it automatically. All you need to do is add pins to your Expert™ library one time. It's that simple - and that effective.

We're very excited to report that initial testing of Expert™ has doubled past results.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach you have that option too. However, you'll be reading more stats and refilling your queue manually every few months. Choose Partial Automation if you like this option.

TrafficWonker's Expert™ tool automatically builds your queue in a way that makes Pinterest marketing simple and highly successful - in a way only machine learning could make possible. At $12 per month, it's priced $2.99 less per month than Tailwind.


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