Run the Race to Get the Prize


The downfall of most people is not that they don't have a plan. It's that they stop trying too easily. If your up for the long haul required to make any business work, you'll need a plan, and a little extra push once in awhile. The following ideas are offered to help you get on the right track - and stay there.

Set a goal. Write it down. Share it with someone. You are more likely to follow through if you do.

Take action. Define how you will achieve your goals. Outline the measurable steps you must take to make your idea become a reality.

Embrace learning. Acquire the knowledge or skill you need to accomplish your goal. Taking the time to research and develop your ideas will greatly enhance whatever it is that you do.

Stay positive. An "I can't" attitude is the most destructive trait that you can acquire. As soon as you tell yourself that you can't, you won't.

Be innovative. Dare to be different. Think outside the box as you define your objectives.

Be responsible. Treat others in the same way you would like to be treated. Exercise goodness, kindness, honesty and dependableness.

Manage your time. The best way to do something might not always be the most time efficient, though how your time is spent should always be considered.

Be persistent. There may be times that you want to give up. Push past them.

Word hard. Success is a marathon. Run the race in such a way as to get the prize.

Are you inspired? Hang on to that feeling for the journey ahead.

If you find these words motivating, print a copy for your refrigerator.

by Andrew Fling


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