Pinterest Marketing FAQs | Free Digital Print Book


Interested in making the most of Pinterest? This free printable book provides answers to 30 of the most frequently asked questions.

FAQ's include:

Can marketing on Pinterest really improve my sales?

Definitely. People referred by Pinterest pins spend 70% more money than visitors referred from non-social channels.

How do you choose effective Pinterest board names?

An effective board name includes 2-4 keywords often used in Pinterest search.

Do you have an idea for a board name? Put it to the test:
1) Is it suggested when you're typing your idea?
2) Are their many boards with the same name?
3) Do top pinners have a board by this name?

If you answer "Yes" to even one of these questions you're on the right track.

How do I choose quality collaborative (group) boards?

It's hard to tell if a group board will serve you well, but you can at least start with an educated guess.

Give the collaborative (group) board a try if:
1) Your products/content are a good fit for the board.
2) It has 2,000+ followers.
3) It has 300+ contributors.
4) The board rules don't prevent you from posting duplicates pins.

Do pin images have a "perfect" size?

Yep. Pins that perform best are tall pins 736px x 1103px in size. If you want a taller pin, go for it - just not shorter.

How important is it to include color in Pinterest pin images?

Color can dramatically improve your product sales. Here are a few stats:
1) 93% of the time a purchase is made based on visual appearance
2) 85% of surveyed consumers state that color is the primary influencer of purchase decisions
3) Color increases brand recognition by 80%

Table of Contents
Your Boards
Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Collaborative (Group) Boards
The Perfect Pin
Building Followers
Pin Image Design
Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing FAQs | Free Digital Print Book by Andrew Fling

Pinterest's Best Kept Secrets Are Answered

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