7 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers


Want more website traffic? Pinterest is one of the leading ways internet marketers are driving traffic these days. If you're ready to hop on the bandwagon, the following tips will provide with a great start in promoting your online business.

#1 Add a Pinterest Follow Button

By adding a Pinterest follow button to your website the whole world becomes your marketing team - and they are doing it for free! You can add a graphic with a link at the top of the page, or perhaps an AddThis.com share button at the bottom of the page just after the content. Just finding you is great start to building your followers.

#2 Pin Often

When you pin often, people see your pins often. Simple as that. You don't even need to be pinning content from your website. It could be anything. Potential followers will still see your logo below the pin, and may even decide to visit your boards because of that pin.

#3 Comment Often

Commenting on popular pins is also a way to gain visibility. Take a moment to check out the pin, and then write a meaningful comment. Try to make it more than just, "Awesome" or "Great Pin!" You want to show people that you care about the things that they care about. Doing so may lead them to care about similar pins on your boards, and perhaps your own content.

Be careful not to comment more than a few times a day. Doing so might appear "spammy", and could cause Pinterest the staff to suspend your account.

#4 Re-Pin Pins

Do you have popular pins they may have not been seen by your followers in awhile? Try re-pinning them. There's a good chance these pins will be noticed and re-pinned by your followers.

#5 Follow Others

I recently tried a search for boards with the keywords "Elementary Music Lessons", in the interest of finding a few folks that might be interested in my new "General Music Lessons" board. I found a bunch, and devoted myself to liking about 50 boards a day for the next few days. Because Pinterest limits the number of boards you can follow at one time without looking like a spammer, I limited myself to boards with generally 50 pins or more. This would assure me that I was following folks that really had an interest in the content I had on my board, and are active on Pinterest too.

#6 Promote Individual Boards

Are there boards that your followers have more interest in than others? Consider placing them in the top row so that they are seen by visitors right away.

#7 Brand Image

Knowing what image you want to present is the beginning of any successful marketing campaign. The next step is to create boards that target your ideal customer, and are helpful. My top performing websites, MakingMusicFun.net and MakingArtFun.com, focus on elementary education, so I felt my boards should serve the interests of teachers, families with kids. Along with my free sheet music boards, and boards about art and music lessons, I have included Brownie and Cookies Recipes, and Movies for Kids.

The time spent has been well worth the effort. Pinterest is driving more than 9,500 visitors a month to my websites.

by Andrew Fling


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