How to Write Titles That Get Noticed


One of the most important skills you will need to develop is the ability to write effective titles. This skill will help you increase your visibility in search engine results, and entice people to visit your website. Your title is a plea to your target market. It is your promise to offer a solution that will meet their needs. For every person that reads you title, only 2 out of 10 will continue reading. The better your title is, the better your chance of beating the odds.

Step 1 - Define your Goal
Begin by defining what your article will be about, the target market it will serve, and the solution it will provide.

You will need to ask yourself:

  • What is the problem?
  • Is there a solution to the problem?
  • Can I provide the solution?
  • Why will my article provide the best solution?
  • How will this article benefit the consumer?
  • How will I expect the visitor to respond after reading the article?

Try to come with as many answers to these questions as you can. The most enticing answers will form the foundation of your title.

Step 2 - Make a Promise
A well-conceived article begins with the title, because promises are made to be fulfilled. Not the reverse. By writing you content first, you put yourself in the position of having to reverse engineer the title. By beginning with the title you have the benefit of writing content that fulfills the compelling promise made by your title. The end result is a crisp, well-structured article.

One of the most visited pages on StorehouseBuilder is Cracking the AdSense Code | Insider Secrets. There are a number of factors that contribute to it's success, though I think the biggest one is the alluring title. It says to people, I have a secret, and I'll tell you what it is if you will only click on the link to visit my website."

Web page titles don't always have to be intriguing, but they do always have to clearly define what will be found on that page.

Step 3 - Search Engine Optimization
A title for a college paper, and a title for a web page have many of the same elements. They both intend to intrigue the reader, and they both intend to define the content that follows. Successful titles for website pages must include two additional elements:

1) They must be keyword/key phrase rich
2) They must be carefully structured

Titles that are long (up to 65 characters) and keyword/key phrase rich, dramatically increase your chances of being found. The better your title, the greater your visibility.

The order of keywords/key phrases is also important part of your search engine optimization efforts. As a rule, the closer the primary keywords are the beginning of your title the better. While it is best not to compromise the quality of your title, it is an important factor to consider.

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by Andrew Fling


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