10 Guerilla Marketing Tips for Windfall Website Traffic


Guerrilla marketing is about of achieving conventional goals with unconventional methods. It is about investing energy, time and creativity, rather than money.

The following list introduces 10 guerilla marketing ideas to help you begin your campaign to achieve windfall traffic for your website.

1) Get a Guerilla Mindset - Everything you do should begin with this mindset. It is an enthusiasm for marketing that will direct every activity of your business.

2) Know our Keywords - Know your target market, do your keyword research, and then create your content.

3) Opt-In Newsletter - Build relationships with the people that are interested in the solutions you offer.

4) Buzz Instead of Bucks - The primary investments in your business should be time, energy and creativity.

When I was new to website marketing I thought I would try advertising through a directory. This directory was well visited (335,000 people a month) and the people that visited it were the very people that would be interested in the resources I had to offer on my music resource website MakingMusicFun.net. I spent $650 for 6 ads that would appear in different locations throughout this website for one year, and my site would be listed their "New Resource" newsletter.

The newsletter was published and people came by the thousands. Then nothing. Well not exactly nothing, but it sure seemed that way, because 4-5 clicks a month was quite a bit less than I had hoped for.

We all have lessons to learn. This one was mine:

"Build free links whenever possible. Pay for advertising only when necessary. When you do pay for advertising, test it first before you go big."

5) Deliver Excellence - Deliver a standard of excellence that is focused on providing solutions for a well defined target market.

Before you launch your new website, ask yourself:

"Do I have the skills to deliver the kind of quality that it will take to become recognized as a leader."

At three years old, my music resource website MakingMusicFun.net is welcoming 336,000 visitors per month, and generating a passive income that has far surpassed my full-time income. My skills as a music teacher, composer and graphic designer all came together to help me develop a site that has become a valued, highly visited website.

I love art too, so I launched MakingArtFun.com about a year and a half later. It generates a nice passive income (about $500 per month - which is more than enough to support my cookie habit), though it will never be the website that MMF! is because I will never be a recognized leader in art education.

6) Competition/Cooperation - Attack campaigns. Align yourself with companies. Concentrate more on working with other businesses, rather than competing wth them.

7) Relationships - Build relations with existing customers, rather than concentrating on getting new ones. Maximizing the lifetime value of each customer that visits your website is of paramount importance. It will divide you from the weekend hobbist, making you a leader in your chosen market.

8) Be a Good Copywriter - Learning how to write in a way that encourages people to take action is an invaluable skill.

9) Be a Social Networker - Use sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Ezines to help create your online presence, and establish you as an expert in your marketplace.

Success with social marketing begins by following four simple rules:

1) Upload a picture or logo. You don't want to be the invisible man. In some instances you will want to use a company logo. In most cases, a picture will be better, because social networks are places where people are connecting with other people.

2) Avoid selling. You don't want to gain a new nickname like "The Spamvertiser". It's okay to promote your products and resources, though do it for the benefit of the community.

3) Stay invested. Building a fan base may take awhile. However, if even a small percentage of those fans visit your website everyday you will begin to see a good flow of traffic to your website, and an even higher conversion rate for products you sell, because you took the time to build trust.

4) Be you. Be real. Be helpful.

10) Adwords - Create a pay-per-click ad campaign with Google's AdWords marketing tool, and drive targeted traffic to your website for only pennies per click. (Not recommended for AdSense supported websites.)

Once you have decided on a campaign, commit to it. Your commitment will soon reap incredible rewards.

by Andrew Fling


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