Getting a Guerilla Marketing Mindset


A guerilla marketing mindset begins with you. It's not a plan for your company, for your customers, or for the market you plan to target. It's an enthusiasm for marketing that will direct every activity of your business. It is an energy that causes you to think not only about the products you sell, but how you will tell the world about them.

Look Around You
The first step in developing a guerilla marketing mindset is to begin to look at the world around you. Consider what billboard intrigued you, what newspaper advertisement makes you want to purchase one product over another, or which radio jingle you found yourself singing more than any other? Then try to figure out why you were intrigued by them, and how these strategies might also work for you.

Know Your Competition
The next step is to become familiar with the competitive marketing within your marketplace. A guerilla marketer learns about his/her marketplace, reviews what marketing strategies are working and which ones are not, and adjusts accordingly.

Define Your Business
The final step requires you to define your business. Knowing what business you are in will help you decide how to market your business. Are you selling vitamins, or are you selling good health? Are you selling surf boards, or are you selling excitement? Are you selling amusement park tickets, or are you selling thrills? Defining your objective will dramatically influence you marketing choices.

A guerilla marketing mindset is not something you squeeze in on a Friday afternoon. It is a commitment to a plan, that requires consistant, and repetitive engagement with your campaign and your marketplace. It is a way of thinking that considers every choice that you will make. Beginning, and maintaining this mindset will ensure you success.

by Andrew Fling


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