5 Dangerously Effective Tools for Social Media Marketing


Marketing your products takes time, but it doesn't mean there aren't smart ways to accomplish the same task. The following tools are my top picks based on their ability to save time and money.

Two Objectives:

1) Be Dangerously Effective
2) Be Dangerously Efficient with Time and Money

TrafficWonker.com - The Auto-Pilot Pin Scheduler
I'm going to kick this list off by shamelessly promoting one of our tools. Traffic Wonker was designed right from the get-go to be a tool that would save considerable of time over popular pin schedulers, and deliver impressive results. You could really call Traffic Wonker the "Set-and-Forget" pin scheduler. Load 840 of your curated Pinterest pins into your queue in less than 10 minutes with FastFill™ and then let it run. Because it takes an average of 7 contacts with a potential customer to make a sale, it's a stellar idea to let these pins loop and loop for several months. The more they loop, the more "potential customers" turn it "real customers." The other big perk is that Pinterest rewards consistency. With Traffic Wonker's WonkerBots on the job every day repining your content, and Pinterest measuring your consistency on the site (it's really the WonkerBots), your pins and boards will soon be ranking higher in Pinterest search results.

AgoraPulse.com - Simple and Affordable Social Media Management
Agora Pulse manages all of your social media with features like Inbox Zero that lets you know when every tweet or comment has been handled, and you can sit back and relax. One of the best features of AgoraPulse is a tool that identifies people that interact often with your content. Gone are the days of trying to building a relationship with everyone. Angora Pulse narrows your focus to people that already care about you and your products.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner
The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is the only free keyword tool around, and the best one to measure the value of keywords on the search engine we care about most - Google. Google's Keyword Tool, built for selling ads, can also provide us with historical statistics such as search volume data for keywords and keyword phrases. Need keyword ideas to put to the test? Just look at the source code of your top competitors by right clicking on their pages, and searching "keyword" or "tag".

MailerLite is a welcomed newcomer to the email marketing world, with pricing that will make most small business owners leap for joy. The site offers drag and drop email editing and a rich text editor for simper emails. In addition to their standard email capture box they also offer several pop-up templates including the exit-intent pop-up. Exit-intent pop-ups appear when visitors move near browser navigation buttons, offering site owners one last chance to get a visitors email before they're gone forever.

Ninja Pinner is a powerful, time saving social media automation tool. It has many features, though most valuable are the auto-follow and auto-unfollow. The interface is relatively simple, though it may take a video tutorial to figure out the basics. My recommendation is to limit yourself to 200 follows a day and 200 unfollows a day. Also, set the follow/unfollow interval to 7-15 seconds, with a 17 minute break every 50 follows/unfollows. These irregularities will help Ninja Pinner bots look a little more like a real person to Pinterest, and keep you from looking like a spammer.

I'm a big believer in automating everything that you can, from choosing tools to help you market your products, to creating automated emails that drive your marketing funnel.

by Andrew Fling


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