How to Choose an Unforgettable Domain Name


Choosing a domain name is the first and most important step in building brand identity for your online business. It will effect how people think about, talk about, and navigate to your website. Choosing a domain name wisely will establish your brand before your visitor comes to your website for the very first time.

Use Keywords
Before you even begin to search for a domain name, you should identify a few keywords that best describe your website. If your are going to launch a website about professional figure skating, you might include words like figure, skating, olympic and competition. Wisely choosen keywords will also help tremdously with your search engine optimization efforts.

Make It Short
Try to keep your domain name short. With 184 million websites populating the internet, this is easier said than done. Still, keep it short.

Make It .Com
Passive income websites depend on high traffic to be successful, so it's best to select a .com. Since most people automatically assume that a domain name ends in .com, it's best to give them what they expect.

Make it Easy to Spell
Some domain names present spelling challenges to internet visitors. If you are considering a domain name that leaves people wondering if a word is written out or abbreviated, like "doctor or dr", or if a hyphen is used, it is best to rethink your name.

Make It Memorable
Making a domain name memorable is easier said than done. You may need to give yourself some time with this one. Your domain name is part of your brand experience. Choose it well, and it will project a powerful image of your product/service to all that see it.

Make Sure It's Available
According to copyright law, if a company is using a name for their business, whether they have registered it or not, it's theirs. If you use it, you will be infringing on their protected rights under copyright law.

Fulfill Expectations
Most domain names create expectations, suggesting what visitors might find on that website. Domain names like and clearly establish the product or service of the website. While it isn't necessary to choose a domain name that creates expectations, domain names like or may require far more branding to establish a connection between your name and your product.

Word-of-mouth advertising may someday lift some of your marketing responsibilities off your shoulders. The possibility of this coming true begins with the choice of an unforgettable domain name.

by Andrew Fling


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