How to Select Profitable Affiliate Products



Finding the right affiliate products is the beginning of your success story in the world of affiliate marketing. This three step guide will help you make your story an easier and more profitable one.

a) Affiliate Products Should Be Relevant
b) Affiliate Products Should Be Profitable
c) Affiliate Products Should Be Worthy

Step 1 - Affiliate Products Should Be Relevant
When you begin your search for affiliate products, keep your visitors in mind. Visitors come to your website because they are interested in your content. Affiliate products should be relevant to this content. If your website is about baseball, then offer baseball products. If your website is about baking, then offer baking products. You will not only sell more products, but your visitors may even appreciate your recommendations.

Step 2 - Affiliate Products Should Be Profitable
Your product should be a winner for you and your customers. The products that you will search for, whether high or low in price, should share several characteristics:

  • They pay high commissions (strive for 50% and above)
  • They convert well
  • They are in demand either seasonally or year-round
  • They are backed by quality merchants

Your products should vary in price and commission type. Many of your products will be per sale commissions. Some of your products should provide you with long term residual commissions. A residual commission is a commission that will earn you as a monthly, recurring commission. Residual commission products are typically for subscription services, such an internet connection, where a monthly subscription fee is paid to maintain the service.

Step 3 - Affiliate Products Should Be Worthy
The products you select effect your reputation as an affiliate marketer. Choose well, and your reputation will grow in favor. Consider the value of every product through your eyes as well as your visitors. Will it have lasting value? Will it provide a highly desirable solution? If a product withstands every test, it may be worthy of your recommendation.

If you're new to affiliate marketing Commission Junction ( is a great place to start looking for products. CJ will help you meet two of your most important goals:

1) Obtain Profitable Products
2) Build Trust

Because the companies that work with CJ are typically bigger and better-developed companies, the products you see on CJ will almost always be of better quality.

by Andrew Fling


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