Where to Find Profitable Affiliate Products



If you are interested in generating a passive income through affiliate marketing, one of the first things you need to do is to find products. Your products should offer a solution for your customer, a good conversion rate, and a reasonable profit for you. Winning affiliate products, whether they carry a low or a high price tag, all share the same basic characteristics:

  • The deliver high commission percentages
  • They have a proven track record for sales
  • They are highly desired within your target market

Your first collection of products should vary in price point, and should be good mix of front-end and back-end products. There should also be at least one product/service that will provide the potential for long term residual income. These residual income sources are typically subscription-based services like Constant Contact, an email newsletter and survey resource for small businesses.

The following list is collection websites offering affiliate product, and residual income opportunities for affiliate merchants:

Affiliate Program Directories

Product Program Websites

Digital Product Program Websites

Residual Income Programs

Most of these affiliate program websites offer easy navigation by category and through search boxes. Commission Junction is by far the leader in affiliate support, indicating which products are converting best for other affiliates and which ones are paying the best commissions.

by Andrew Fling


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