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Are you interested in making money with your own products? Creating eBooks could be your opportunity to move from selling other merchants affiliate products, to selling your own.

This easy-to-understand tutorial will help you create fantastic ebook covers, and save you hundreds of dollars in eBook designer costs.

Free eBook Cover Creator/Generator | Paperback

  • Create professional looking eBook covers in minutes
  • Sell more eBooks with better looking graphics
  • Establish your company's brand with attractive products

1) Download Free Paperback eBook Action Script file from

2) Open Adobe Photoshop 7 or above.

3) Select "Window" from the drop down menu.

4) Select "Load Action".

5) Browse actions and choose "eCT-ebook-cover-paperback1.atn". Action script will load.

6) Click once on "Action 1", and then click the arrow at the bottom of the window to open the workspace.

7) Select "File>Open".

8) Select "your-eBook-cover-title" then click "Open". Cover will open in another tab. Your cover art should be 400px x 500px.

9) Select "Select>All". Cover will be selected. An animated dashed line will surround the cover art.

10) Select "Edit>Copy" to copy the image.

11) Return to workspace by clicking on the first tab at the top of the workspace.

12) Select "Edit>Paste" from the drop down menu.

13) Adjust cover with arrow tool if necessary.

14) Click once on "Action 2" in the actions box and then click the arrow at the bottom of the box. Your eBook cover will be generated.

15) Select "File>Save for Web & Devices".

16) Save as high quality jpg.

Congratulation! You've just created your first eBook cover.

by Andrew Fling


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