What is AdSense?


Interested in making big profits by sharing what you know? Google's AdSense program could be just what the doctor ordered.

AdSense enables you to make money by placing text and image ads on the pages of your website. Google automatically selects the best ads to display based on your content, and you generate revenue when your website visitors view or click on ads.

AdSense delivers...

  • Maximum revenue
  • Ads that visitors are interested in
  • Thousands of network advertisers that automatically display ads
  • Easy-to-use tools for success

The source of AdSense revenue is the AdWords program, which provides website owners with a cost effective campaign for driving targeted traffic to their website. Website owners participating in the Adwords program bid on keywords. The higher they bid, the more effective the ads will be for them. When visitors click or view your ads, Google distributes the AdWords revenue generated from the keyword bids to you. The more they pay for the ad, the more Google pays you for each click or view.


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