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Five factors contribute significantly to the profitability of your AdSense ads. Most of these factors are ones you can influence, and should be considered a primary focus as you create and format new content.

1) Website Traffic

2) Increasing Content

3) Increasing Click Through Rate (CTR)

4) Average Click Value (CV)

5) Adsense Units per Page


1) Website Traffic
A significant amount of your website traffic will come from search engines. The traffic is free, and the visitors are members of your target market. Additional website traffic can be gained through off-site marketing efforts.

My music resource website hit 340,000 visitors a month this month, but it didn't happen by waiting around for the search engines to deliver visitors to my doorstep. It happened through hard work (often in the middle of the night).

I've created 486 blog posts on, 60 more on my music studio blog, written 154 articles for and, launched 671 images to, and begged for links.

The greater your passion for marketing, the greater your success.

2) Increasing Content
If your website only has 10 pages, typically you shouldn't hope for much. You can place 30 Adsense ad units and 30 AdSense link units throughout your site, and hope for the best. Think about how easy would it be to double to size of your site. Pretty easy, right! And the benefits are more than you might think. Double the number of ad units, and likely double your profits. Not only will you be doubling the number of ad/link units, and the number of points of entry to your site in the Google index, but you will also be exponentially increasing your visibility on the web. The reason being, Google outwardly states that they favor large and well established sites. So, not only will you have more point of entry, but your pages will receive improved ranking just because they are associated with a larger site.

3) Increasing Click Through Rate (CTR)
Every website is different, though the following tips will help you make the most of each AdSense unit.

Visibility - The visibility of your AdSense units will effect your CTR (click-through-rate) more than any other factor. Make sure your AdSense units/links are highly visible. Visitor won't click on something they don't see. The following heat map can provide you with some general help as to what works, and what doesn't. Then it's up to you to figure out what works best.

Heat Map
This heat map illustrates ideal AdSense ad locations on a sample page layout. The colors in this illustration fade from darkest (strongest performance) to lightest (weakest performance). Ads positioned above the fold typically perform better than ads below the fold. Ads placed near content and site navigation also perform well, because users are focused on those areas of the page.

Recommended Ad Units - While Google offers a variety of AdSense ad units, some perform better than the others. As a rule, wider ad formats outperform their more narrow counterparts, because of their reader-friendly format. Readers absorb information in phrases or ideas. The wider ad format allows them to easily read more words at a glance before having to skip to the next line, as they would have to do with a more narrower ad. If positioned well, the ad units that perform the best include:

  • Medium Rectangle
  • Large Rectangle
  • Wide Skyscraper

Limited space should be the only reason to choose any other ad unit.

Ad Unit Colors - AdSense ad units which more closely match the overall look and feel of your website tend to do better on average. Not only is this a better choice for CTR, but it will give a boost to the overall look and feel of your website. Ask your web designer for the HEX codes for the primary colors of your website. You will use them when you are selecting the sizes and colors of your AdSense ad units. Eliminating the border around the AdSense unit is also a recommended practice. Blending your ads with your content is your goal. Borders set your ads apart.

4) Average Click Value (CV)
The average value per click will vary from website to website, because each site differs in content, and therefore attracts different ads. As a rule, however, advertisers interested in selling big ticket items pay more to place ads because they stand to profit more from the sale of these items. If advertisers pay more to advertise, it is likely that their AdSense ads will reward you with a higher CV's.

5) AdSense Ads/Links per Page
Google allows website owners to place up to 3 AdSense ad units and 3 AdSense link units per page. AdSense link units are delivered in a smaller format than AdSense Ad Units, to provide opportunities for website owners to profit when space is limited.

What would you say if I told you that it was possible to make a few simple changes to your website, and drive AdSense revenue from $10,000 a year to $30,000 a year or more?

When I launched my first ad-supported website,, I had little little understanding about how to optimize my ads. I copied what someone else did, and hoped for the best. After several months I decided to dig in, and figured out how to increasing the performance of my ads. With a few changes I tripled my ad revenue!

by Andrew Fling


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