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Are you ready to make AdSense ad management easier? The following WordPress plugins provide you with the tools you need to put yet another blogging task on autopilot.

Easy AdSense
Easy AdSense is by far the most complete plugin for managing your AdSense ad and links units. Simply add the widget to display ads in the sidebar. You can also define where other ads will appear, what they will look like, and set post-by-post changes to your regular strategy. This plugin is offered for free as a Lite version. A Pro version is avaliable if you would like to have more control over the placement of your ads.

AdSense Now!
AdSense Now! is a terrific WordPress plugin for beginners, taking nearly every complication out of the equation. Simply copy and paste your AdSense code into a box. Instantly your posts are updated with AdSense ads.

Google AdSense
The Google AdSense plugin for WordPress wins the prize for simplicity, and is my recommended plugin for beginners. No copying and pasting code with this application. Just provide your publisher ID. The Pro version of this plugin will give you the necessary controls to minimize your chance of getting banned for policy violations.

Easy Ads
The Easy Ads plugin for Wordpress is an all inclusive app, allowing you to monetize your blog with ad providers like Chitika and Clickstor. This complex, multi-provider plugin allows you to control the display and alignment of you ads, keeps it simple by remaining widget-based, and let's you manage ads post-by-post, and page-by-page to meet every unique ad placement need.

by Andrew Fling


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