Google AdSense Mistakes for Beginners


You've launched your website, written some great content, and are beginning to see a few visitors clicking on your ads. Here are 10 tips to insure that your Google AdSense account will always remain in good standing, and your effort won't be wasted.

1) Never click your own adsense ads, or ask your friends to click for you.

2) Never alter your AdSense code.

3) Never place more than 3 AdSense ad units, 3 AdSense link units, or 2 AdSense search boxes on a single page.

4) Never run competitive contextual text ads on the same website that runs Google AdSense ads if they are similar in appearance.

5) Never disclose information about your CTR (Click-Through Rate), CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions), or information about the performance of individual Google AdSense ads.

6) Never entice visitors to click on your ads.

7) Never send your Google AdSense ads via e-mail.

8) Never hide Google AdSense ad elements by making the ad URL the same color as your web page background.

9) Never reproduce copyrighted content to your site, such as embedding YouTube videos without the consent of the original creator.

10) Never place Google AdSense ads on a website that violates Google's Terms of Service (TOS).

by Andrew Fling


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