Google Adsense CTR | What Should I Expect?


Click-through-rate (CTR) is a measurement of the success of your Google AdSense campaign. The CTR is calculated by dividing the number of visitors by the number of page impressions. For example, if your ads were seen 100 times (impressions) and 3 people clicked, your CTR would be 3%.

What is an Average CTR?
Google Adsense ad CTR's vary from site to site for a variety of reasons, including ad location, ad format and ad color. On average, however, website owners achieve a 3% CTR. Optimally placed ads will likely generate CTR's as high as 7%.

How Can I Improve My CTR?
Every website is different, though the following tips will help you make the most of each adsense unit.

1) Increase the visibility of your ad units

2) Use recommended ad units (medium rectangle, large rectangle, and wide skyscraper)

3) Use colors that closely match the overall look and feel of your website

4) Increase search engine rankings, as search engine referred visitors are more likely to click on your ad, than a returning visitor.

The CTR rate may be monitored through URL and Custom Channels to help you discover the optimum placement of each ad unit/link unit. Remember, it may take a few months of trial an error before your beat the odds. If you're patient, your persistence effort will be well rewarded.

What if it were possible to double or triple your AdSense profits by making only a few changes to your current AdSense ad strategy. Would you make the effort?

When I launched my first passive income website, in 2007, I didn't know much about CTR's, ad placement, or ad colors. With a little reading and a little experimenting, however, my CTR improved. It tripled actually.

Begin by setting up a few URL channel's in you AdSense account, and then wait a week to see what kind of CTR's you are currently getting. Then start experimenting. Try different ads sizes (medium rectangle, large rectangle and wide sky scraper are typically the best performers), different colors (consider using the same color pallet as you use on your website/blog), and different ad placements (make sure one of them appears "above the fold"). See what works, and then make those changes site wide.

by Andrew Fling


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