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Google AdSense websites and blogs have become a primary source of income for people families over the last few years. I own several myself, and rely on AdSense as the primary way to monetize my sites. While all of my sites are custom designed websites, many people rely on the WordPress blog platform to present their content to the world. As such, an article that guides folks to the right WordPress theme seemed like a good addition to this site.

Let's begin with a look at a couple of elements that are essential to making this whole thing work. With this understanding of these elements you will better understand why some WordPress themes are better choices than others.

Recommended Ad Placement
Every website is different, though the following heat map will help you make the most of each AdSense unit. Not surprisingly, the technique the newspapermen have been using for years - placing what they want people to see the most above the fold - is true here as well. From there you will have to do some testing see what works best.

Heat Map
This heat map illustrates ideal AdSense ad locations on a sample page layout. The colors in this illustration fade from darkest (strongest performance) to lightest (weakest performance). Ads positioned above the fold typically perform better than ads below the fold. Ads placed near content and site navigation also perform well, because users are focused on those areas of the page.

Recommended Ad Units
While Google offers a variety of AdSense ad units, some perform better than the others. As a rule, wider ad formats outperform their more narrow counterparts, because of their reader-friendly format. Readers absorb information in phrases or ideas. The wider ad format allows them to easily read more words at a glance before having to skip to the next line, as they would have to do with a more narrower ad. If positioned well, the ad units that perform the best include:

  • Medium Rectangle
  • Large Rectangle
  • Leaderboard
  • Wide Skyscraper

Limited space should be the only reason to choose any other ad unit.

Recommended AdSense WordPress Themes

CTR Theme
The CTR theme offers a premium design that was built with AdSense in mind. The default design is basic, and it automatically integrates your ad units into Google's recommended ad positions, and blends ad colors to match your design. Ads can be rotated to prevent ad blindness.

Heatmap Theme
The Heatmap Theme is a feature design, including 23 widget areas to help you test, and finally run ads in the most profitable areas of your design. Like the CTR Theme, ads can be randomly rotated to prevent ad blindness. This theme also comes with 10 Ultimate Authority Skins and 25 Classic Skins, and features to help you market affiliate products.

Socrates Theme
When I was just getting started with the whole passive income online thing I ran across Joel Comm's YouTube videos. They offered some of the best advise I have ever received about finding success with AdSense. The Socrates Theme was developed by this AdSense/social media expert. It was primarily build for marketing folks, and offers 200 header designs, and a built in affiliate program with ClickBank integration.

Clickable Theme
This is one of my favorite WordPress themes for AdSense. The Design is clean and simple, and in places the ads right where you need them to be. It also presents a list of recent posts in the right side bar to keep visitors navigating around your site.

Euphoria Theme
The Euphoria Theme offers a more simplistic design that is built for AdSense. Features in AdSense ad management in the options area, and social media integration.

Adsense Pro Ultimate
The Adsense Pro Ultimate is a lightweight, fast-loading design that was created with AdSense in mind. It offers large titles with abstracts from each article. Visitors click through to read the entire article. On click through your workhorse ad unit is placed front and center.

MaxCTR Theme
MaxCTR theme is specifically optimized for Adsense publishers. The simple design places Medium Rectangle (250x300) ads above and below content, and a Wide Rectangle (160x600) ad in the sidebar, and is the very ad placement formula I use on every site I own.

When I launched my first website,, I didn't know much about AdSense ad placement, but I marched bravely forward. Those first few months didn't yield great profits, but I kept trying, and kept learning. When I moved my ads the position they are in now, it changed things in a big way. Overnight my click through rate tripled!

I say all that to encourage you to research themes to find one that will perform well. Understand why one will work and another won't. Consider the recommendations for your WordPress Theme you see here, and make a sound choice. It will effect your success more that any other decision that you make.

by Andrew Fling


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