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The Basics
AdSense websites are advertiser-driven content-based information resources. As an owner of an ad-supported website you would be responsible for identifying a target market, creating quality content, strategically placing AdSense ads for maximum visibility, and driving traffic to your website.

Google's AdSense program will automatically deliver the perfect ads to your website from a network of thousands of advertisers. The ads will be so well targeted to your content that visitors interested in your content will also be interested in your ads. Income is generated each time a visitor views or clicks on an ad.

After a strong initial investment, AdSense website owners may scale back their time commitment to the occasional addition of new content and answering email.

What is passive income?

What is AdSense?

What is an advertiser supported website?

What will it cost to get started?

Success Stories
Read the success stories of leaders in passive income generation through advertiser supported websites.

Don Vandervort - Owner of

Joel Comm - Author of the best selling e-book, What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense.

Makus Frind - Owner of, the largest dating site on the web.

Andrew Fling - Owner of

Getting Started
Each of the following articles outlines the basics of building an online business, from developing your business plan through driving traffic to your new website.

Your Business Plan

Developing a Business Plan | Your Market

Developing a Business Plan | Your Solution

Developing a Business Plan | Your Traffic
(For AdSense websites including products/services for additional revenue.)

Developing a Business Plan | Back-End Sales
(For AdSense websites including products/services for additional revenue.)

Building Your Brand | 10 Questions for Smart Website Owners

Website Basics

How to Choose an Unforgettable Domain Name

10 Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Website Design Elements That You Don't Want to Be Without

7 Steps to An AdSense Supported Niche Site

Free Website Templates

Free Website Template Index | NEW!

How to Build Your First Website with a Free Website Template

How to Build an AdSense Optimized Website | Free Website Template

Creating Content

How to Write Content That Gets You Noticed

How to Write Titles That Get Noticed

Guerilla Marketing

What is Guerilla Marketing?

Getting a Guerilla Marketing Mindset

10 Guerilla Marketing Tips for Windfall Website Traffic

Building Website Traffic

Pinterest Marketing :: 21-Day Plan for Marketing Campaign Automation | Free Digital Print Book

Pinterest Marketing FAQs | Free Digital Print Book

The Website Marketing Checklist

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Website Analytics | How to Make the Most of You Online Presence

7 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest

Becoming Profitable

How to Apply for a Google AdSense Account

Google AdSense Mistakes for Beginners

Google Adsense CTR | What Should I Expect?

AdSense Channels | Vital Statistics for Increasing Profits

Cracking the AdSense Code | Insider Secrets

WordPress Blog Plugins for Adsense, Chitika and More

Recommended Adsense WordPress Themes for Bloggers

Don't Swallow That!: The Truth Behind AdSense Myths | Free Digital Print Book

Building On Your Success

5 Dangerously Effective Tools for Social Media Marketing

Run the Race to Get the Prize | Inspiration for Business Owners

How to Grow Your Online Business | Reinvesting Your Profits

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