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StorehouseBuilder is a wealth building resource like no other. There are no hard sells, no products to buy, and no secrets locked behind membership doors. The blueprint for a successful internet-based business is gladly offer for free, and supported by the very means that are explained on this website.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide free resources for families to build passive income through internet-based businesses with minimal start-up costs.

Luke 12:34

My name is Andy Fling. I launched StorehouseBuilder in 2009 out of an interest in sharing my success in generating passive income through internet based businesses.

I launched my first AdSense supported website, MakingMusicFun.net, in 2007 out of a desire to provide additional financial security for my family. The creation of the free sheet music, composer biographies and worksheets, music theory arcade games and lesson plans offered on MMF! tapped every skill I had as a music teacher, music composer and graphic designer. By the end of the first year on the web I knew that I had something, as visitor traffic had hit 64,000 visitors per month. By the end of year two visitor traffic had hit 145,000 visitors per month. By the end of year three visitor traffic reached 277,000 visitors per month. Today MMF! welcomes 348,000 visitors per month, and is currently ranked 193,368 among the 182 million websites that populate the internet according the Alexa.com.

In 2009, I duplicated my MMF! business model, and launched MakingArtFun.com - an elementary art education website offering artist biographies and worksheets, lesson plans, and a collection of free printable art education resources.

I'm by no means a millionaire, though I have replaced my full-time income with a passive income that is generated from my websites in just three years.

Passive Income Report
Interested in seeing how things are going now. Check out my Passive Income Report.

If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be glad to help guide you toward meeting your goals of building a successful online passive income stream.

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